Due to the fact that globalization has become a protagonist in the gas industry, the distribution companies and the industries that use it to execute their processes must play with increasingly demanding rules from their clients, seeking that the provision of the uninterrupted and quality service to meet its goals.

For this reason it is important to make an analysis of the methods and resources that are available to achieve the objectives and this way determine the necessary improvements to maintain effectiveness in the process.


The main reason for using a backup system is that it is an insurance against the interruption of the normal supply of Natural Gas, in this way a continuous service would be guaranteed. Another important factor is that it can be a precursor to the installation of Natural Gas.

The Backup System this way would benefit the industrial sector, since the distribution companies buy or contract a certain amount of Natural Gas for a certain period of time, this allows the supply to both residential and industrial users, however, the residential user is a priority and due to the great population growth in the cities, residential consumption has been growing reaching to consume more natural gas, this may affect the industry at certain hours of the day or even in some months of the year. If the industries do not receive all of their Natural Gas requirements, they can be economically affected by expensive equipment damage used in their processes if the gas flow is interrupted at a critical moment, or it can even cause to stop the production.

Some utility companies are more conscious of the dilemma of the industrial users and suggest the installation of Backup Systems to foresee in case there is an interruption in the Natural Gas service. As an incentive, most of distribution companies worldwide and lately in Peru offers what is known as “interruptible” rate to users with Backup Systems This rate is usually substantially lower than the “firm” rate, which applies throughout the year, even if the supply of Natural Gas is never interrupted. In the event that the distribution company notifies an interruption (sometimes less than 24 hours), the industrial facility continues its operation by switching to its Backup System.

Because the “interruptible rate” is applied every day of the year, it is possible to amortize the cost of a backup system, including its installation, in a very short period of time, generally in less than two years.

As a precursor, the Backup System works to encourage industrial development in areas that are projected to have a supply of Natural Gas, thus starting by installing the complete SNG (Synthetic Natural Gas) system so that the industry can start its processes with a fuel in reserve, this way when the supply of Natural Gas arrives, the system adapts itself as a backup system and can work as detailed above, without the need for adjustments in the burners.

Currently, industries such as 3M, Black & Decker Co., Chrysler Corporation, Coca-Cola Bottling, Exxon Corporation, Fiat Argentina, Gas South Chile, Siemens, Volkswagen Mexico, Nestle, Guardian Brazil, Moly-Cop Peru, Gases del Oriente Colombia, among others worldwide have taken the decision to use backup systems manufactured by Alternate Energy Systems Inc., with excellent results, so we as representatives recommend it and offer support from the choice of equipment that best suits the need of each industry and assembly up to the training for the proper functioning of the same in situ.

Reference: http://altenergy.com

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